Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss

Weight Loss Woman On Bathroom ScaleMy hypnotherapy for weight loss programme is highly effective in enabling people to lose weight and achieve their ideal weight. Food is very often linked to emotions. For example, when we were young and hurt ourselves, we were often given a sweet or treat to make us feel better. As we got older and passed exams, or our driving test etc., we were rewarded with a celebratory meal. In fact most happy occasions are linked to food, from romantic dinners and birthdays, to Christmas and weddings etc. Over the years we establish a pattern of learned behaviour that food equals warm, happy feelings and this is what we are chasing when we try to cheer ourselves up, usually by ‘overeating’ the wrong kind of food. Let’s face it, cabbage isn’t as nice as cake, so generally it is the high sugar, high fat, high carbohydrate, BIG HUG and comforting kind of food we turn to when we are feeling down.

Obviously there is nothing wrong with this occasionally, but boredom or being unhappy can cause you to use these kinds of food as a crutch. Indeed with some people they can become addicted to this type of food – the quick fix, the ‘stuff it down without a thought’ sort, which over the years causes serious weight gain and problems with obesity, and all that entails.

The good news is that by using hypnotherapy for weight loss you can resolve the underlying issues that have caused you to gain and maintain that extra weight. What’s more you will develop a healthier way of enjoying food that will allow you to permanently change your eating patterns, so you stop the ‘yo yo’ dieting that so many people go through.

When treating clients for weight loss, I always refer to it as weight management. The reason is that when we lose something, we have an inbuilt human response to find it again. Think about it, when one loses one’s car or house keys, what is the first thing one does? You’ve guessed it! We search furiously to find them again!

Thus, if a Hypnotherapist talks about weight loss and losing weight to a client under hypnosis, the unconscious part of the mind hears the message that something has been lost and goes about sabotaging the therapy. So, whilst the client may shed the pounds at first, the weight soon starts to pile back on, since the mind recognises the weight going as a loss. Maybe this is a pattern you can recognise in yourself.

So, in advertising my work with weight issues, I may well use the term ‘hypnotherapy for weight loss’ as it is well known, but when seeing clients for weight control, I always reframe it as achieving one’s healthy or desired weight. I may even say “Why wait to achieve your desired weight?” It is important that I gain an in-depth understanding of how you do ‘overeating’. Knowing how you replicate this pattern, I can then use Pattern Interrupt techniques to break the pattern and reset the internal eating gauge. It’s amazing how quickly this can work.