Hypnotherapy for Phobia Removal

Find Freedom From Fear!

Phobias are an extreme manifestation of fear, something that our hypnotherapy for phobia removal programme has to address. A phobia is often described by people as an irrational fear. However, many people have some form of fear and of course an appropriate level of fear can be a good thing. For example a healthy respect for sharp objects is a good thing and keeps a person safe, but a person who develops a phobia around needles for example, is missing the fact that sometimes needles save lives! Of course other phobias, such as the classic fear of spiders, can be seen as a protection mechanism since some spiders do need treating with caution. In fact usually spiders stay well away from human beings, so it does not make rational sense to have an overwhelming fear or phobia of anything in life.

The key thing to note is that a phobia is not a conscious response to a trigger, it is an unconscious response. For example no one consciously blushes, no one consciously has a panic attack. Thus if the response is an autonomic, unconscious response then it makes perfect sense to use hypnotherapy to remove the phobia. It is a well known fact that human beings are born with only two fears, which are a fear of loud noises and a fear of falling. All other fears are learnt. That being the case if a person can learn to fear something, equally they can learn to feel new responses in the same situation. For example, the needle phobic could learn to feel calm and relaxed around needles, rather than tense or fearful.

Human beings learn to make connections in the world. In other words, human beings Pattern Match. This is now a well known phenomenon in psychology. A pattern match is when a connection is made between a trigger and a response. In a phobic situation the sensory input gets quickly routed to the part of the brain that generates fear. However it would be much better to be able to logically and consciously judge the situation and decide with calmness what action to take. Our hypnotherapy for phobia removal programme makes this change at a sub-conscious level.

If a person can quickly learn to develop a phobia, then equally they can learn to develop new responses to the old triggers! The key is to re route the incoming sensory information so it can be processed by the logical analytical part of the brain in the future, rather than going directly to the emotional brain.

hypnotherapy for phobia removalMy advanced Hypnotherapy is fast and highly effective. I use techniques such as the Fast Phobia Cure or Rewind Technique which can remove phobias in a very short period of time. The Rewind Technique is ideal for most phobias and also works brilliantly with Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome (PTSD). With more complex phobias I can also use EMDR which is highly successful. The key thing to remember is that if the human mind learns to fear something quickly then it can learn to let go of that fear quickly, and to find relaxation and calm instead!

Let me show you now, just how quickly our hypnotherapy for phobia removal programme can remove that phobia for good!