Hypnotherapy for Pain Management

hypnotherapy for painFor pain management and control I have qualified in Hypnoesitherapy, which is an advanced method of pain management using the techniques of Dr. Escudero’s Noesitherapy. While combining them with hypnosis, the result is an amazing method for controlling a person’s pain. It enables you to control the pain successfully and reduces the sensations of pain, allowing you to find comfort in the place of discomfort. Of course when I work with clients that have pain symptoms, it is essential that any medical reasons for the pain have been investigated and treated appropriately, because pain is nature’s way of letting us know that something needs attending too. However, once this has been done and you know the cause of your pain, then we can work together to ease it and allow any discomfort to reduce to a level which you feel comfortable with. In cases of chronic pain it can make sense to remove the pain completely or reduce it to the minimum, to allow you to get on with your life again free from the soreness and sensation of pain.

Using hypnotherapy for pain management

Our hypnotherapy for pain management programme is very effective in reducing pain, as well as controlling it. We know this through the work of Dr. Ernest Hillgard, former Professor of Psychology at Stanford University, who showed through research that hypnosis was extremely effective in the ability of people being able to manage pain. I have seen and treated many clients with pain symptoms and have found that my hypnotherapy for pain techniques have been very beneficial in enabling them to control their pain and live much fuller lives free from the discomfort and soreness which had been controlling them. They learn, with my hypnotherapy for pain management programme, to take back control and to exercise their right to decide just how much discomfort they wish to live with. This gives them a sense of empowerment, which improves not only their ability to control their pain, but also their ability to feel good about themselves as they learn to manage their pain so they are not bound by it, but can be the master of it!