Hypnotherapy for Insomnia

 Everyone can experience the odd sleepless night here and there. However, for others, sleep problems (insomnia) become a pattern leading to chronic insomnia for which our hypnotherapy for insomnia programme is very helpful.

Sleep is not a luxury, it is a necessity. At Hypnotherapy Warwickshire we know that sleep is vital for continued health and well being; If one has developed a pattern of not sleeping due to stress and strain, then you are depleting your vital reserves and you become unable to balance your nervous system effectively, due to fatigue. It is well known that lack of sleep causes many unpleasant feelings and emotions as well as loss of memory and poor motor co-ordination. It also has a detrimental effect on one’s immune system.

Worry and stress are the number one cause of poor sleep, as long as any underlying medical conditions have been investigated and ruled out. Even in those cases, learning to think more positively, take charge of one’s mind and stop worrying, is a key to being able to learn to relax and let go, then sleep will come much more naturally.

I have a large number of tools and techniques that can quickly allow your natural sleep patterns to emerge again, and allow you to let go of the worry or anxiety that is holding you back from enjoying sound, restful and recuperative sleep. The key point is to condition the nervous system to relax deeply. With that sense of deep relaxation comes peace of mind, and this means that sleep is much more likely to occur.

hypnotherapy for insomnia

Why can’t I sleep?

Learn new habits to support deep restful sleep

hypnotherapy for insomniaIf insomnia and lack of sleep is affecting your life then call me today and let me guide you into deep relaxation. I will show you how to do self hypnosis to enable you to quickly develop the pattern of going to bed and falling asleep.

During the hypnotherapy for insomnia programme I also give advice on good sleep hygiene, that is behaviours and thinking as well as habits, that will support the physiology in going to sleep and staying asleep.