Hypnotherapy for High Blood Pressure

This condition responds very well to Hypnotherapy and NLP methods. I have worked with a number of clients who have had high blood pressure and all of them have been successful in reducing their blood pressure to more normal levels, in conjunction with following the advice of their medical practitioner. In some cases high blood pressure readings only occur when the person is having their blood pressure tested at a medical clinic. This is known as White Coat Syndrome and occurs as the blood pressure rises because the person is anxious at being tested by someone who they perceive as being in authority. It is very common and the latest evidence suggests that those who react in this way are far more likely to go on to develop constant high blood pressure readings in the future. So if this is happening to you, then my hypnotherapy methods can enable you to become calm and at ease while having your readings taken. This calmness and relaxation will show in the reduced readings as you learn to let go of any worry in that situation. Of course the benefits don’t stop there, as you may well notice that you are calmer in everyday life too.

For those of you who have high blood pressure that has stabilised I can work with you to reduce this to an appropriate level. I have a range of methods of working to get your blood pressure down and to get you feeling much better quickly. Of course the use of my hypnotherapy for managing your blood pressure must also be supported by healthy life style choices, and if appropriate, medical advice. It is now well known that hypnotherapy can be very useful in enabling you to control how your body works and to make fast changes to support your health.

If you suffer from high blood pressure or pain, let me show you how quickly you can be in charge of it, to enable you to enjoy your life again!