Hypnotherapy for depression

hypnotherapy for depressionDepression can be rapidly helped with our hypnotherapy for depression programme. Reactive depression is where the mind/body system has become sluggish and stale due to far too much pressure and stress. Or perhaps it is grief that has gone on for too long. Normally there are feelings of loss of status, and loss of Control etc. Insomnia is also a part of this condition. The positive news is that Clinical Hypnotherapy and deep relaxation can allow the natural sleep patterns to be established again and for balance to return to the whole being. This can then be enhanced by the further benefits of Hypnotherapy to enhance the effect so that the fog lifts and one can see the light again!

Using hypnotherapy for depression

Using hypnotherapy for depression we can help you to lift the depression and help the depressed person begin to regain control over their lives. With that new found sense of control and relaxation comes clarity, and one can begin to restructure one’s life to make sure that depression stays away for good.

Learn new ways of thinking to support a positive healthy outlook on life

Depression and anxiety often go hand in hand (see my page on anxiety if you think this may be the case for you). Often dealing with depression involves resolving any underlying anxieties that the client may have. Once the client has returned to a normal sleep pattern and we have removed any global or inappropriate thinking that may be contributing to the depression, usually when we use hypnotherapy for depression it will normally start to lift very quickly.

Learning new habits like getting natural sleep can make a significant difference to depression.


We have found that clients, using our hypnotherapy for depression programme, often experience insomnia and lack of sleep issue which can accompany depression. If this is the case for you, then call me today and let me guide you into deep relaxation and show you how to do self hypnosis. This will enable you to return to a normal pattern of going to bed and falling asleep. Like you always used to.

Every living organism has a dormant period. If you are unable to achieve normal sleep then your pattern of behaviour is abnormal. For most clients there is usually an underlying anxiety or belief that underpins the insomnia behaviour.