Hypnotherapy Anxiety and Panic

Hypnotherapy for anxietyAt Hypnotherapy Warwickshire I have treated many clients using hypnotherapy for anxiety, fear and panic attacks. They have all made rapid improvements in remaining calm and at ease in situations where previously they found themselves stressed and uptight. Excessive or irrational fears which lead to anxiety are neither helpful nor useful in today’s society. Rather than the classic Fight or Flight response of our primitive ancestors which we still retain today, we need to develop more of a Stay and Play response. To do this effectively a person needs to learn new methods of thinking, feeling and behaving in situations that would normally have caused them anxiety, allowing them to remain calm, centred and worry free.

Using hypnotherapy for anxiety

By using Hypnotherapy for anxiety I can rapidly enable you to feel calmer and more self assured. Being a highly qualified and resourceful Hypnotherapist, I tailor my sessions to your exact needs, thus delivering to you a highly professional service to rid yourself of anxiety and panic attacks , whilst empowering you with confidence for the future. Let us work together to alleviate your anxiety and fear, returning to you a sense of freedom, happiness and joy, so that you can really get on with living life to the full!

Hypnotherapy for panic attacks

I also work successfully with clients suffering from Panic Attacks. The phrase Panic Attack is in fact an unfortunate one. It is much better to think of it as an appropriate response which has become over sensitised and I have every empathy with you if you suffer from this condition. The good news is that my comprehensive treatments will allow you to get back on the road to feeling calmer, more at ease and much more able to cope with life.

The condition needs to be treated otherwise Panic Attacks can severely limit your life. Basically the Fight/Flight mechanism has become too sensitive and this causes an over reaction to harmless stimuli in the environment leading to a change in physiology culminating in all the symptoms of the Panic Attack. You could begin to view a Panic Attack differently, for example you could think of it like a car alarm that has become too sensitive and is going off at the slightest movement. Obviously the car alarm is a positive mechanism designed to protect the car. However, a car alarm that goes off inappropriately is more than a nuisance and is not doing its job properly. The same situation occurs in the human nervous system when it reacts to something that is harmless seeing it as a threat, creating a panic attack. Basically the nervous system has become far too sensitive and the fight/flight mechanism is being triggered far too easily.

The key therefore is to re-educate your system so that it resets itself and returns to balance. It really is time to let go of fear and release that anxiety so that you can really enjoy life again. If you are looking for a hypnotherapist for anxiety and panic allow me to show you how you can find peace once more by using the latest and most advanced hypnotherapy techniques available.