Hypnotherapy Treatments

Please see the list of treatments on the right. Please note that these are just some of the many presenting issues that I am qualified to treat.

If there is any condition that is not on the list that you would like to discuss with me, please call and I will be more than happy to help and assist you in anyway that I can. I have a very wide range of experience and knowledge and have worked with many more issues than are currently listed.

The knowledge, skills and practical experience I have gained mean that you can rest assured that you will be provided with a highly professional treatment that is tailored specifically to your exact needs. Having passed such a wide range of qualifications in the field, I am able to offer a very comprehensive service to maximise your success to the full!

Below are some of the issues that I can help you with using Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy:

If you simply wish to find out more about my services and how I can be of help to you then I will be pleased to provide a free telephone consultation. Why not call me now? Email Me

What are your aims?
I will help every client to achieve their full potential. You see whatever you wish to achieve, providing it is fully desired, can be achieved with my help and guidance. I use the latest techniques in mind/body science to bring about fast and effective change. In partnership you can learn to have better control of your mind and harness its positive powers to achieve your goals.
Which methods are used?

I use a wide variety of methods that can be specifically tailored to your exact needs. A complete personalised service is offered to clients depending on their individual requirements. I have trained in Clinical Hypnotherapy, Analytical Hypnotherapy, Ericksonian Hypnotherapy, Parts Therapy, Past Life Therapy, Gestalt Therapy as well as NLP, EFT and EMDR.