Professional Fees and Hours of business

Session Type Duration Price Mon-Fri Weekends
Standard Session 90 Minutes £90 10am-5pm N/A
Standard Session Evenings & W/E 90 Minutes £100 5pm-9pm 10am-8pm
Smoking Cessation (see below) 90 Minutes + 60 Minutes £200 10am-5pm N/A
Smoking Cessation Evenings & W/E 90 Minutes + 60 Minutes £200 5pm-8pm 10am-8pm
Concessionary (see below) 60 Minutes Call me 10am-5pm N/A
Standard Sessions
Standard sessions last for 90 minutes.
Stop Smoking Therapy
Stop Smoking is a one session treatment of 90 minutes duration and is highly successful. The fee is £200 during the day and evenings and weekends.
If required, a free follow-up session of 60 minutes is offered to re-enforce the changes.
Concessionary Fees
If a person is on income support, State Pension or is a full time student then I can grant a Concessionary Fee. However, I can only see concessionary clients on weekdays between 10 am and 5 pm. Please call to discuss.
Cancellation Charges
Cancellations are only accepted by phone or in person. E-mail cancellations will not be taken. Please ensure there is at least 24 hours notice in advance,or the full session fee is payable.
There may be extenuating circumstances when this will be waived.